You can access your Homecharge data via the Smartcharge app in the history section and via the ChargeVision portal here:

If for any reason your Homecharge unit does not have communications with the server, it is designed to act as a basic charger and will provide an instant full speed charge.

If the unit loses communication with the server whilst in a schedule, the bp Homecharge point will provide an instant full speed charge. As soon as communication is restored, it will revert to the schedule.

Firstly, you need to press and hold the wireless access point (WAP) on the bp pulse home charger. Once activated a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device can be used to search for the WAP connection.

Note: We recommend that you disconnect from existing Wi-Fi networks and temporarily deselect “Auto-Join” during the configuring Wi-Fi process. The bp pulse home smart charger will broadcast an SSID of ‘bppulse-‘ followed by the charger’s serial number, for example, ‘bppulse-PH1234567’. Note: The bp pulse home serial number is printed on the product label located on the right-hand side of the rear enclosure.

Once successfully connected to the wireless access point (WAP), you will be automatically redirected to the login page.

Note: The redirection typically appears within 30 seconds of selecting the WAP.

If the Wi-Fi network shows as “No Internet Connection” and the web browser does not pop up automatically, select “i” (iOS) to access more detail about the hot spot and select “Forget This Network”. Return to the Wi-Fi Settings page and switch Wi-Fi off and on again. Once the Wi-Fi restarts, the hot spot will be re-discovered and auto redirection will occur.

Alternatively, open a web browser on the Wi-Fi enabled mobile device and enter ’’ into the web browser’s address bar to manually access the home page of the WebUI.

Confirm and accept self-signed certificates, if prompted.

Note: It may take up to one minute for the home page of the WebUI to load. It is recommended that you actively keep alive the mobile device (prevent the device from hibernating or switching off the display or security locking If this occurs, reconnection to the Wi-Fi Access Point will be required.

Enter the login details: Username: ‘user’ (lowercase). The password will have been provided to you by SMS text message by bp pulse. Then click “Connect”.

Once the first successful user login takes place, you will be forced to change the default password.

Note: You will be unable to make changes until the default password has been changed and saved.

Passwords are case sensitive and must conform to the following criteria:

* Minimum of 8 characters including lowercase and uppercase, numbers and symbols.

* Acceptable symbols are detailed as: !”#$%&*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_’{|}~

Next, select ‘Configuration’ from the Menu button (this may be a Tab on devices with larger screens).

Ensure ‘Wi-Fi Client’ is switched on (it is by default).

Under the Wi-Fi Client section, select the SSID name of the desired home Wi-Fi network then enter the password (case sensitive) for the network.

Note: All available SSIDs visible to the bp pulse home charger are displayed in the list. Hidden but known SSIDs require manual entry via the ‘Manual SSID’ list. Signal strength is indicated both graphically and by measured RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) value in dBm. Open/unsecure networks (without padlock icon) will not require password entry.

Select ‘Confirm’, for changes to be applied. During the countdown as settings are applied, the wireless access point (WAP will switch off as it reboots.

The bp pulse home smart unit has a discreet function button at the bottom of the unit. Hold the function button down for six (6) seconds, (this is counted by the incremental count up of White status indicator LED’s). After 6 LEDs are counted, release the button. Activation of the wireless access point (WAP) is indicated by the illumination in Yellow of the upper most (2 LEDs) of the status indicator.

If it is not paired, the Wi-Fi access point will turn off after 10 mins. If the Wi-Fi successfully connects to the charger it will continue to stay active, until the connection is disconnected.

Connecting your home Wi-Fi to your charger will allow it to communicate and for you to use its smart functionality, such as scheduling charges and controlling the charger remotely. You will still be able to charge without a Wi-Fi connection but unable to use the smart features. The bp pulse home charger will simply charge your vehicle in auto charging mode.

During installation our engineer will check the signal strength of your home Wi-Fi network using the bp pulse home charger. If the signal isn’t strong enough you may need a Wi-Fi extender, which can be used to extend the reach of the home Wi-Fi network.

The installer will temporarily wire your bp pulse home smart directly to your internet router to commission bp pulse home. Once this process has finished, the wired (Ethernet) cable will be removed. The bp pulse home charger will function without the smart functionality and operate in Auto Charging Mode (delivering charge to your EV when it is connected to it).

You have two options, 1) either purchase a Wi-Fi extender, to increase the range of Wi-Fi coverage to achieve connectivity or 2) for an additional cost, your charger can be wired by the installer. Wired connectivity, requires an ethernet cable between the charger and the home Wi-Fi router.

Typically, the Wi-Fi router is located near the master telephone socket in the home, often at the front of the property. A wired connection takes more time to install and will require additional charges (potentially with a separate engineer visit). bp pulse has tested and checked a number of readily available retail Wi-Fi extender units a list of these is available on request.

bp pulse has tested and checked a number of readily available retail Wi-Fi extender units. A list of these is available on request.

2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g). All popular ISP routers are “dual band” which means both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands are supported.

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